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Time traveler from 3036 predicts terrifying future

The Man From 3036

A self-proclaimed time traveler from 3036 recently made headlines, painting a terrifying picture of what life could look like in over a thousand years. The TikToker, who goes by the handle nIVS YOTsIa nIS, claims that the world’s population will reach record levels and domestic animals will be considered exotic.

The Man From 3036

In TV shows and movies, we often see people traveling back in time. But what would happen if such an event really happened? This is the idea behind a new documentary, starring a man who claims to be from 3036. He has been giving some very scary warnings to the present generation.

The alleged traveler, who goes by the name of Sebastian from 3036, paints a terrifying picture of what life will be like in over a thousand years. He says that the world’s population will reach record high levels, schools will no longer exist, and domestic animals will be considered exotic.

The film has received mixed reviews from critics and viewers. But it is a thought-provoking documentary that will make you think long after the credits roll. It also features some great acting by its main character. For those who want to watch this film but are overseas, a VPN can help you overcome geo-restrictions. ExpressVPN is an excellent choice for this purpose, as it can easily bypass local restrictions, allowing you to stream content from New Zealand.

TikTok’s Take On The Documentary

A chap claiming to be a time traveller has left his TikTok followers shaking in their boots. The user nIVS YOTsIa nIS shared a video which claims the world will be plunged into a three-day blackout within the next decade, and even shows viewers a picture of Los Angeles under water.

He goes on to say that the population will reach an all-time high and domestic animals such as cats and dogs will be considered ‘exotic’. He also warns people to start preparing now for what is coming.

While TikTok has become a global phenomenon, it can be difficult to keep up with all of its implications. Shalini Kantayya’s sprightly documentary TikTok, Boom explores the app along myriad cross-sections. Whether its a source of income, a way to advocate for social issues, or a platform of connection and creativity, the film examines the positives and negatives of the omnipresent app. Despite being a wide-eyed eagerness to embrace and endorse certain aspects of the platform, TikTok, Boom does question some of its more insidious effects.


The Man From 3036 is an entertaining and thought-provoking documentary that explores the mysteries of time travel. The film features an intriguing plot that blends science-fiction with human drama to create a compelling story. Its themes of time travel, mental health, and humanity’s future are engaging and thought-provoking. However, the movie suffers from some flaws and lacks credibility at times. For example, it is questionable how a security camera image could identify someone from thousands of years in the future. Moreover, the protagonist’s looney-bin ramblings are not particularly original or thought-provoking. It would have worked better if the time period was closer to sci-fi’s usual wet-fever dreams.

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